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Writing in Recovery™

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Comments from Writing in Recovery™ clients

Favorite things about the sessions

"Writing and reading out loud. It builds self-esteem"
"Giving in to feeling vulnerable"
"Getting over the fright and walking through it. Courage"
"Fast paced, exciting and entertaining"
"Introspective writing helps define thoughts and feelings"
"Helps organize my thinking"
"I never wrote before and these exercises are helpful"
"The process of breaking down problems"
"The sincerity - the unashamed gentle sincerity"
"Trusting to do things I would never do"

Things clients learned:

"It was fun"
"I discovered things I had blocked for years"
"Learning ways and choosing activities to help you stay sober"
"Fear doesn't have to stop you"
"Courage and walking through discomfort feels good"
"It increases IgG, helps get out stress and uses 4 of the 5 senses"
"To express myself better"
"Things I don't think about. . . they come out in writing"
"It makes me feel good"
"Doing little things will help doing the big things in the future"