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I highly recommend the workshops offered by PAX (Latin for Peace):

Understand Men 101
Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women
Celebrating Women: Regarding Ecstasy & Power
Celebrating Men & Marriage
Celebrating Men & Sex
Understanding Women

Laura's Favorite Books & Links

Healthy Cookies

Relationship Books
The List by Corbett and Kihne
Getting to I Do by Dr. Patricia Allen
Keys to the Kingdom by Alison Armstrong
He’s just not that into you by Behrendt and Tuccillo
Be honest, you’re just not that into him by Kerner

Well Being books
The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman
Love and Survival by Dean Ornish, M.D.
Women’s Bodies Women’s Wisdom Christiane Northrop, M.D.
Teachings on Love by Thich Nhat Hanh
Eat Right for Your Type by D’Adamo
You can heal your life by Louise Hay

Touching Fiction
The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks

Coming Soon!

A Man's Warp-Speed Guide to a Woman's Galaxy and other Warp-Speed Guides by Laura Trice.

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Laura Trice, M.D.
Writing in Recovery™
4712 Admiralty Way #146
Marina Del Rey CA 90292
phone 310-821-9409
fax 310-305-1189


Writing in Recovery™

In response to the overwhelming popularity, Laura Trice, M.D. has written How to Work Any 12-Step Program, a short handbook for individuals recovering from addictions.

Laura Trice, M.D. is dedicated to the well being of individuals in recovery and making a difference in the world. Her personal belief as that if each person is in touch with their divine purpose, they will be able to find fulfillment in their unique role the world. She developed the Writing in Recovery™ system that combines creative writing, increases personal expression and helps with finding passion and setting goals. Her sessions incorporate musical expression, public speaking and 12-step based therapeutic writing techniques as well as the teachings of well-known metaphysical and mind-body experts such as Louise Hay, Florence Scovel Schinn, Deepak Chopra and Stuart Wilde.

Groups that have hosted Writing in Recovery™ workshops:
•Betty Ford Center at Rancho Mirage, California
•Education, Health & Psychology Departments of Terminal Island, FCI
•Visions Residential and Outpatient
•Department of Medical Education, Maine Medical Center
•Smith College
•Promises Westside & Malibu

All sessions are in Pacific Palisades or via telephone. Instruction with Laura Trice, M.D. is an educational service, not psychotherapy or medicine.
Payments must be in the form of money orders, bank checks or made out to Laura Trice, MD or via PayPal.

Dr. Laura Trice
Laura Trice, M.D. developed the Writing in Recovery™ system that combines creative writing, musical _expression, public speaking and 12-step based therapeutic writing techniques. A published writer, Dr. Trice is a graduate of Smith College and The University of Vermont’s College of Medicine. She trained in Chicago, Indonesia, Maine and New York. Laura has facilitated programs with Federal inmates, Medical Students individuals, as well as private and academic groups on both coasts. Her programs have been honored by Smith College and have received Federal recognition by FCI Terminal Island. Writing in Recovery™ has been part of Promises’ and Visions residential, day patient, outpatient, extended care, staff training and individual referral programs. Most recently, Dr. Trice was chosen as one of Betty Ford’s 10 speakers for their 2006 Awareness Hours featuring the latest breakthroughs in Addiction Recovery. Laura Trice, M.D. is the author of How to Work Any 12-Step Program, a simple step by step over view of how 12-Steps works and the science that supports the 12-step approach. Her area of interest is forgiveness and journaling. She studies the forgiveness research gathered and funded by A Campaign for Forgiveness led by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Everett L. Worthington, Jr., Ph.D., Ruby Bridges Hall, Robert Coles, M.D. and endorsed by President Jimmy Carter. She also focuses on the writing research done by James Pennebaker, Ph.D., Joshua Smythe, Ph.D. and Stephen Lepore, Ph.D. Dr. Trice also studies, respects and admires the leaders who bring all the components together, such as Dean Ornish, M.D., Bernie Seigel, M.D., Christiane Northrup, M.D., Deepak Chopra, M.D. and Louise Hay. Dr. Trice resides in Venice, California and enjoys gymnastics, singing and tennis.

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